Brussels Airlines A330-300

Brussels Airlines operates 9 of these beauties, operating from Brussels to destinations all over the world. They are also going to buy 4 more, “second hand”, from Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, increasing the total number of A330s in their fleet (A330-200s included) to 17.

With the highly anticipated A330 rework, FDS will hopefully bring a bunch of new liveries to the A333. Not only does the BEL livery look amazing on the A333, it also offers some really interesting RWA routes to try (especially routes from Brussels to Africa, e.g. Entebbe, Conakry, or Yaounde). That’s why I really hope to see it coming to IF, soon :)

Beautiful livery but sadly I’m outta votes!

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Concept to Consider

When creating a feature request, search to see if an old request has been made, then ask the moderators to flag it. Don’t worry, I flagged it for you, but be more careful next time.

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I‘ve seen this one, but if you look closely, the A330 requested there has a special livery, so I thought there was no reason to flag there.

Anyway, back on topic…


Nice Livery for the A330!