Brussels Airlines A330-300 (New Livery)

Brussels Airlines just announced a new livery for their a330’s which are expected to come next year (in 2022) It would be a nice addition in IF.

Credit: Brussel Airlines

Love the new livery and I’ll vote once there are some A330s in this paint scheme!

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Tbh I’d like to see this! I’m curious to see this one beside the old livery!

I actually like the old classic Livery better


I’m on the old side as well. Sry!

Reminds of of Croatian Airlines’ livery. Personally not a fan of how the new livery looks very blank compared to the old one. Still an interesting livery that could be in the sim.

Bleh, it looks like a perfectly good A330 got chicken pox, the old livery is/was a classic

hopefully we get both the liveries side by side as im not sure of removing the old livery Entirely.
This gets my support tho

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