Brussels Airlines A320 "Red Devil Football Team Livery"

I would like to see this as a livery on the A320!
Link to the creator of the image:

I love Brussel’s special liveries!

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Have to agree with you there.

I like the livery, but unfortunately special liveries don’t get added anymore. You could always try :)

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It has 2 doors over the wings… I am aware that some A319s have 2 doors over the wings, but most have 1 (on each side). Are you sure the picture is an A319 and not an A320?

It’s an A320-214 OO-SNA (MSN 1441)

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Now that’s a problem…
A feature request for an A319 featuring an A320 picture. Please correct that @Belgian_Pilot ! Thanks!


I prefer the last year’s livery.

I love this livery! It looks like the A320 from hell.

Smashing livery for a smashing team! One day in Infinite Flight? 😁🇧🇪😈⚽️ #redtogether

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