Brussels Airlines A319 New Livery

Brussels Airlines announced there new Livery on on of there A319

Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier and largest airline of Belgium, based and headquartered at Brussels Airport. It operates to over 100 destinations in Europe, North America, Africa and also offers charter services, maintenance and crew training. It is a member of the Star Alliance as well as the International Air Transport Association. The airline’s IATA code SN is inherited from its predecessors, Sabena and SN Brussels Airlines. Brussels Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group. The company slogan is We go the extra smile.

More About Brussel Airlines you can read her:

@T1MMY4L1F3_YT what sort of joke is this? Looks quite a lot like Croatia Airlines. The old one is a lot better tbh. 🤢


I do have to agree sadly.

I already had a bad feeling about it when I saw some concepts, and it ended up being the worst one.

Usually I adore rebrandings/new liveries, but having my own home carrier’s livery become… this is a bit of a punch in the gut.

Don’t know what Lufthansa were thinking (I’m like 95% sure they had a lot to do with this), but they somehow made a Eurowhite livery look bad.

Still though, I’m sure it’ll grow on me, however long it might take (seeing it every time I go spotting will certainly help). Not the worst thing ever, but could’ve definitely been made better.


wdym all Eurowhites are bad unless they’re planned really well


That all comes down to personal opinion.

I love most of them, with very few exceptions (this one most likely being one temporarily).


Hey, can I copy your homework?
Sure, just make it a bit different



another ruined Livery 😔😔😔



Please 💀💀💀

Is that a special livery at least or they plan to use it for real ? I’l sorry but that sounds like a joke !
If not we better tell em by email , on social media that it’s not it !



Voted but… you know…

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Nope, this is their new “normal” livery. I watched the press conference/reveal (while in school, hehe).

The 2nd A319 is already at East Midlands getting the new scheme as well.

I’ve seen my fair share of backlash on social media (many people comparing it to Croatia Airlines and Vueling, which is totally understandable).

We can only hope the higher ups actually pay attention to this backlash and do something about it, but I doubt they’d change the livery very soon after it was just revealed.


Do you have pictures or sources for the concepts they had what they lookd like ?

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I’m pretty sure they were all just fanmade (probably should’ve worded it better than just “concepts”) or speculations of what it could be.

But this was one I saw a few days ago (I’ll put it behind a spoiler since this is technically a request thread for this livery, plus it’s on an A320neo).

Another speculation I saw was it being pretty much “like the Eurowings livery but with the Belgian tricolours”.


I’ll admit it isn’t as bad as some designs…totally not talking about ITA (Italy). What makes you say that? However, I miss the “b” on the tail.


While it’s a downgrade from their previous livery, I personally don’t see the hate for the look of it’s livery itself. It’s not bad, but it’s also not the greatest design they could’ve chose.

Forgot to mention, I’m digging the font they used.


I really like the new livery lol

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That is indeed another argument.

The “b” was an iconic symbol in Belgian aviation (in the past it being the “S” of Sabena). I personally will miss it as well.

I also really don’t get the hate on the blue ITA livery, it looks amazing to me.

While many people dislike it because of that (mostly Belgian enthusiasts), or simply the lack of anything recognisable from the previous livery or something “Belgian” in the first place, it was also pretty bad timing.

I’m sure a lot of people have also already seen it being compared to Croatia Airlines and/or Vueling a few times (further up the thread for example). Or straight up smallpox.

That is totally valid, I personally don’t see anything wrong with that font. If anything, it’s my favourite thing about the livery and the only thing I really find “better” compared to the “old” livery.

God I’m really rambling aren’t I?

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I see your points, The concepts given were definitely better. They could’ve added a bit more to make it less dull. I’m all for simplistic liveries though.

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