Brunswick to Atlanta

Qantas 707

. (I have more views of the 777 if you want)


That’s John Travolta’s 707!


I think you’re right!

Nice View of Travolta’s Boeing 707 V-Jet

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Passengers can still ride a Boeing 707 commercially

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I’m from Brunswick but I’ve never flown into BQK.

I don’t think so. Some of the only ones left flying are Travolta’s, Omega tankers, and KC-135 variations. I don’t think many, if any, commercially, not in the US, at least. The last US scheduled flight by one was TWA in 1983.

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I have a new spotting topic when I was delayed in Kansas City

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If it’s a new topic post there. This doesn’t need to be brought back up.

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Is this you posting your flight? I know it’s only a few pictures but is it? If so, id love to share my experience on my flight from EGPF-KJFK (Glasgow- New York) on April 7th, I will be going to New York for 5 nights on April 7th for my mum’s birthday! (B777-300ER American Airlines) I would post in detail- Taxi, if my flight was early/delayed, the takeoff, the view! How good the food/drink is, how much turbulence there is, how bumpy it is and how bumpy the landing is, I will also share as many photos as I can :)

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Really, I thought it was just Delta that were starting flights to KJFK this Summer!

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