Brunch @KLGB

Hello, I decided to get some brunch and watch some airport action at Long Beach airport. I took these on my phone, yep not the greatest.

737-700 | Maryland One Livery | 🛫 Reno (KRNO)

737-700 | Triple Crown Livery | 🛬 Austin (KAUS)

I want to host an event at KLGB soon. I think it’s a special one, if I can’t host it because I work I want someone else to host it.


Nice catches!


I hope this one doesn’t duplicate when I edit 😂

Nice catches, Long Beach is always a good time.

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Those are some nice Planes!

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RNO my old station

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I love the Maryland one. Kind of a weird livery if you ask me but I think it’s cool.

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hell yea. I usually catch F18s, KC-10s, or the Moose doing pattern work here.

Nice Amazing pictures by the way Southwest Airlines is my favorite airline

and also I saw Southwest Airlines California one when they began service out of ksba

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