Bruh stupid

Ok, I was going Mach 1 but was a level 3 really necessary?

in what aircraft

Mach 1 in an airport’s airspace is better suited for the Casual Server.


F-22. Oh and I was above 10000.

I think…

I was following my friend :)

There’s your issue


💀 well fair enough but I’m gone from my grade 4 and 3 for awhile

I understand that you were following your friend but it would be best to observe and obide the guidance provided here:


I didn’t even exceed it until after 10000

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It looks like you just blasted past G-SWAA

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indeed. he said on his discord that he wanted somethin exciting to happen. so i made it happen


Yeah but doing that under IFATC jurisdiction is usually not the best idea…especially at low altitude.

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This is happening on the expert server?

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true… lmao

yep, which was probably the dumbest thing i could do.

You usually get a warning before the violation is given. It was clearly user error, so you must accept your consequences for your actions.

i got no warning.

Like posted above, there are strict fighter jet rules in place. Next time, I recommend doing this in the casual server.

You kinda did shoot yourself in the foot by going mach 1 through a controlled airspace. Regardless of altitude, you shouldn’t be going that fast. If you feel it’s unjust, PM @ZuhairM to discuss it :).

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fair enough.