Bruh moment

I was doing HCEA-OMBD and I was on final when I hear my IF assistance saying terrain terrain. I was like what the hec until I releazed that my gear wasn’t down and I was going 190kts. I would hav what a fast no gear landing in the 77W. Has this happened to anyone else. lmao


How does one not notice that they don’t have gear and are going a good 40+ kts faster than normal landing speed?


Nope, never happened and will never happen.


When it’s there frist time using ILS

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I feel like that almost makes it harder because your staring at your PFD and or HUD, so sort of visual where your out the window a lot lol

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You shouldn’t even capture ILS at 190, usually lower than 180 is the right speed. Then slow down to your target speed, the 77W is usually around 145-155.


Go around song intensifies


I’ve noticed you actually need to slow down the plane to about 130 kts to be able to maintain a -700 vs without the nose pitching down when your on final

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LMAO :inserts filler for 10 words:

Yea ik I was at 190kts also I Lr matters what aircraft you in

20 miles away from airport: approx 190-200 kts
10 miles away: 160 kts
3 miles away: configure for landing speed

It’s weird your IFA didn’t say “too low, gear!”

You should have your checklist going in your head.
Obviously this isn’t the real world but checklists are really important to pilots. They can’t remember everything - that’s why they made it.

I usually look at the left bar and go through my head.

Speed: check
Trim: set
Flaps: set
Gear: down
Spoilers: set to automatic

I would also research the V speeds for the aircraft that you’re using.
The 77W uses about 160 approach speed and 140 to 145 landing, depending on the load.

But no, this hasn’t happened to me :) good luck

I did I just said only one o f the things it said.

What matters is, you learn from your mistakes and carry on flying!
Hope to see you in the skies soon and happy landing 😊

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Cry’s in grade 4

No… Never… 👀

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I guess it actually happens…

That voice irritates me lol

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Worst when you dont have IF-Assistant and you belly land an a350 at heathrow while being busy :)

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Lmao did this happen to you?

yes LMAO. But luckily in Training server

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