‘BRRRT’ - “Delivering Freedom, 3900 rounds per minute”

Images surfaced today of a USAF A-10 ‘Warthog’ conducting ground strikes against [REDACTED] just in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan

The A-10 is know for the iconic sound of its rotary gun

The aircraft banks right as it guides its way through the narrow and dangerous Korengal Valley, providing ground support to US troops under heavy fire at Outpost Restreppo.


Server: Solo
Aircraft: A-10 Warthog


BRRRRRRRRT! These are just amazing, awesome job! Did you Fail your landing like me?

Haha, unfortunately, I accidentally landed without gear down, somehow it worked, just was stuck on the runway.

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Looks like it was fun!

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It was indeed!


So we both messed up. At least your plane could potentially fly, mine was probably written-off and scrapped. If this was real life, of course.