BRRRRRRT, B747s and Crashing. Now that’s flying with the community!

Every now and then you have unrivalled run doing pattern work at an airport! @Butter_Boi and I just hopped in an A10 and practiced our BRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTT! Turns out he needs a little practice landing the A10, so scroll to the bottom for laughs.

If you’re going to join in with patterns, don’t forget we have live replay now 😛

Enter the fail


Absolutely stunning shots mate keep it up. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Poor @Butter_Boi he would have been sweating bullets during that landing.


I have no words. At least I didn’t get reported.
There pretty good pictures.


I was in fact. That’s a good pun.

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Thanks mate.

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Wasn’t really a landing though lol


Fair enough mate. But did he end up landing though 🤔? I guess we’ll never find out.

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Great pictures, not so great “landing.”
Keep it up!

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Well you’ll find out now. I crashed, not landed.

That’s sad mate.

Butter_Boi’s A10 4th Of August 2019 to the 4th Of August 2019, Rest In Peace A10


But today is the 3rd. But that’s pretty funny.

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23 likes!? Nice Misha, and I’m famous today.

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Press F For @Butter_Boi


Here in Australia it’s the 4th.

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I can bet you @MishaCamp if this was was posted by a normal IFC member this would be flagged and or closed because of the BBBBBRRRRTTTT!!! 😂.

My first thought seeing this topic on the home page of the IFC was ‘a new guy to the community, this will be closed within minutes…’

And ‘F’ for @Butter_Boi, I don’t think you deserve that name anymore 😂


Maybe my username should be Crash_Boi? And how much are you betting on Misha?


Well, when I’ve had all mine and others post similar flagged, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Also having seen Misha in real life, his upbringing and hyped personality isn’t too blame 😂

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Well, I should keep flying 747s now lol. 😂

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Oh boy, @Butter_Boi

(get it? ;) )

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Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 3.49.10 PM