Brrrr or Brrrrrrrtttttttt?🥶

Just a quick editing above brrrrrrrrrr, Tbh my best editing/pic yet

Route: no route
Aircraft: my gun goes brrrrrrtttt

Let me know what you think??

  • Amazing!!!
  • Meh
  • Not Good

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Cya Yall Later!!!



Great livery with ALASKA in the background! Love my home state being represented.

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Thanks Very Appreciated lol. And that’s cool that live in Alaska!!!

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If you guys are wondering what I used to edit I used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Wow that’s good! How did you do this?

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I was bored during lunch/recess and I had a pic of this lying around in my storage so I decided why not play around with some editing. Added some haze and a little bit of more detail. I think the haze was the best part tbh

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Also Thanks 😃

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No problem! If only I had time and good edits 😂

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Lol Practice makes perfect lol

Ig I’ll close the poll now

Wait, you can put emojis into titles now?

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I mean I’m on a Chromebook and I added a emoji implemented from my computer not the community but I believe you can.