Brown Chicka Brown Plane

Hello IFC,
Tonight was my first night on the ramp for UPS. Today I got to work N150UP a 17 year old Airbus A300F going to KONT, Ontario, California. The Airbus A300F holds 26 cans on its upper deck. Below are some pictures of today’s flight. Enjoy!


Nice! Kinda jealous of you there. Cargo operations are so much fun in my opinion.

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I honestly had a blast. Lot more than pax in my opinion

Looks like a lot of fun! I have a lot or respect for people in the air freight business. Although I have one question, how heavy are the containers when loading them onto the airplane?

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There about 500 pounds empty. Fully loaded there about 2300 pounds.

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That is very heavy!

It is and it’s all manual labor.

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What do u do for UPS?

Working in the distribution facility right now. Night shift. Waiting to transfer to the ramp at DFW.

Gotcha! The ramp is everything

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