Broken’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

ATIS/Airport Info @N/A
Landing Runways: N/A
Departing Runways: N/A
Pattern Work: N/A
Weather Status: N/A
Frequencies: Tower & Ground
Time: N/A
Server: Training
Tags: @Yehia_Mohamed @StefH @Noah_Hunt @Crcoli737 @AviatorMan

Hi 👋🏻

I’ll try to stop by there in a few minutes :)

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Thank you :)

Do you want the feedback here or via PM?

I don’t really care, but please send it to me by PM :)

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I am now opening at EDDF

I am now opening EDDM

For ATC practice try to open not big airports, where can’t be a lot of people. For example LFBO. Or other, with parallel runways.


Ah okay thank you :)

FeedBack from SU-ARX

{ 11:45:41 } Transition is wrong the correct transition alt is 4,000 you can calculate it by airport’s elevation+2500 so that will be 3,771 and then you round it to the nearest 500 so that will be 4,000

{ 11:49:36 } First Pattern: Correct pattern entry but missing directions with the option clearance

you have to give direction with the option clearance to inbounds and runway change In my case I didn’t receive any traffic directions

Second Pattern: You should’ve issued me directions with second clearance as you didn’t in the first one

Very late EXT runway command at 30

Feel free to tag me in your future sessions

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Hi first of all thanks for your nice feedback, I’ll take it to my heart and make it better next time :)

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Im open now at EDDS

i open now at EDDH
Tags: @Yehia_Mohamed

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I’ll stop by in a few

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I’ll open again soon :)

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Open @EDDH @Yehia_Mohamed

Notes from N76VT:

All good except:

  1. You should not give pattern entry for each pattern loop for pilot already in the pattern.

  2. “Make L/R traffic” is only needed in takeoff clearance, inbound clearance, and clearance after runway change.

Thanks for the service!

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Hey thanks for your positive feedback I will do this better next time I hope to see you :)

im open at LSZH
Tags: @Yehia_Mohamed

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I’ll stop by

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