Broken runway at PHLU

Device: IPhone15Plus
Operating system: IOS 17.2.1

I was landing at PHLU Kalaupapa and it appears that runway is not being recognised, instead landing and rolling on the terrain below and eventually flipped and crashed underneath the runway.

I reloaded and tried a take off, but the problem is permanent and I flipped down a hill through the runway.

I had already landed a few times in other close by airports before arriving at PHLU, which were all functioning normally.

Is there anywhere specific to report airport/runway issues? Thanks

There are reported issues with PHLU. Check out:
App Crash When Using Comms and Screen Flicker

Even though that topic title refers to comms and screen flicker, the associated runway issue is included in the topic discussion.

Oh I see thanks. Yeh it appears the runway is still floating unfortunately

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