Broken Parking Spots

Operating system:
I have found a issue with KRCAs parking spots it seems any plane bigger than the 767 can’t spawn at KRCA but irl they have FedEx MD11s and 777s land about once a month and the place they have them park is a location that we can’t even spwn into at KRCA. I will include a image of the very spot


Well i see this alot at some airports , i think they will fix that kind of problem one day

KRCA was last edited in the old 2D system in 2017. Hence rules for editing spawn sizes changed more then once it could happen that those “old” airports do not match the current system anymore, most times not a issue but sometimes it is one.
I will take a look what can be done short term in this specific case, but no guarantee it will be solved in next update.

Thanks for reporting and many thanks for patience,

Thanks for looking into this @Major-Tom