Broken Ocean tracks

Today I spawned in at Manchester to do a flight to KJFK and as I went to make my flight plan I noticed that the Atlantic tracks and Pacific tracks were not on the map, I checked my settings and there was nothing, I wanna know if anyone else has this problem?

Hello! Oceanic tracks are updated real-time, so you may not see the Atlantic or Pacific tracks at times.

You can find more information here 😊


There may not have been any active tracks at the moment you were planning your flight. They are updated throughout the day to handle the real world traffic flow (Infinite Flight uses this data for these active tracks). During this time there probably wasn’t much traffic heading across the Atlantic neither Pacific, so a specific track wasn’t needed to be put to use.


There are ocean tracks now I just checked on the link.

Currently, I only see Track A, A and K on Infinite Flight.

This is a known issue Restarting the app should fix it.

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