Broken HUD and Cockpit View

Device: I Pad Air, 4th Gen.
Operating system: 15.4.1

While I was approaching EFHK on RWY22L I noticed that there was something strange with the HUD view. It looked like I was crazily nose diving into the sea while my VS was just at -1600fpm. Same thing was in the Captains View, however the entire Cockpit vanished. FO seemed to be working fine so I turned HUD on and when I calibrated for Landing it looked really weird like I Had too low brightness. Wth just happened?

If you look closely at the second pic, you can see that the HUD is still on however its barely visible.

Just to know, which aircraft were you using? Some old models tend to assume that attitude due to old physics.

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It was the A350.

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Also really weird is that the replay is totally okay. Cockpit visible and no optical illusions with the HUD.

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I rewatched a YT video I did with the A320, and it had a nose down attitude when descending. I guess if it happens on both the A350 and A320, must be a normal thing on the IRL planes. I was also descending at 1500ft/m.

Don’t know about the HUD though, sorry.

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Was it losing altitude with the nose dive? If not then its the same problem.

I wasn’t going Stuka with the plane, but -1500ft/m had a slight nose down attitude. And losing altitude because we descending. Yours is also normal at -1600ft/m. If it’s something else you were trying to mention, then I didn’t understand you.

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