Broken Ground in KLAX

When you spawn in KLAX in Global or solo, the ground is glitched, you fall out of the world and you crash. Is there any explanation what caused the ground to glitch in IF global and Solo?

You have corrupted data, just redownlaod the app.

can be that but in other places its not broken

It’s that trust me 😉

has it happened to you? but ill try

It’s what @Brandon_Sandstrom says. A quick search for other topics here in #support would say the same.

If you don’t want to reinstall, a complete device restart should help. You just need the cached terrain in your device to clear, which it should with a restart.


thanks man ill try that ;)

alright lemme try that but some other aircraft have been crashed too when i spawned in

Could be a temporary glitch in the content delivery. I just spawned at KLAX without falling.

The content delivery is the CRJ update right?

No no no.
The terrain is the content.

I should have worded it better. The terrain streaming ;)

Just try restarting your device. That will solve the issue I guarantee it.

When you encounter issues try restarting your device, reinstalling the app etc and if it continues to happen then you know there is an issue. Other than that you will always occasionally encounter weird bugs.

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