Broken fonts in settings

![Infinite Flight_2022-02-16-00-12-04|820x382](upload://gvRqf7cx09DQGzhR97coamxbeJb.jpeg)

As you can see, The “Pilot Voice” and “Default Voice”'s option font is kinda broken…it looks like to fix those.

Hey, your image didn’t upload properly, do you mind uploading it again? Thanks :)

Sorry, keep trying to post the picture by editing, but this keeps happening…

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Thanks for the that! We’ll try and take a look, this is probably related to the language support we added in the last update

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Thank you very much for fast supports! If you mind, can we have a Korean in the Language sections? I can assist with that like this update’s “Simplified Chinese”, I think It will be a great option to make the Korean users will have better accessibility to this wonderful game…

Hi again! I’m just checking back on this to get some more information. If you go to Android Settings → General → Text To Speech Output, then look inside the preferred engine, what “Languages and Voices” does it show for you?

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