Broken Airport- Come to LEMP on the casual server!

I was looking around Spain’s small airports, when I noticed an odd occurrence:

NOTE TO DEVS: Please don’t fix this! It’s way too much fun!

So yeah, come to LEMP on the casual server for a pretty hard challenge!


I’m coming, are you still online?

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sure! its sooo much fun

i have managed to perfect the landing aswell!

I there is something about this airport. I believe I heard something about an airport like that in P3D.

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NO! Its too much fun!

and fsx as well… its a common terrain issue

Im good with it starying here in IF :)

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Me too! Finally i find out about something that no one else has ever known about before… (I feel accomplished lol)

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There’s always at least one glitched airport in every sim lol.


I’m coming, see you there

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bring the family! jk plz dont :)

Tough I’m fixing it anyway


No! why! plz dont we all love it!

It shouldn’t be like this. We don’t want a mistake in the sim for no reason


What the heck, spawn there with an A380 😂

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no, but its one airport of hundreds of thousands… please don’t go and ruin the fun…

you cant- airports too small

One less mistake. I’m doing it. If you want to continue please PM me.

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