Broke the lowest altitude record

Started at 10:00AM local time and picked it up at 1:15PM local time. 787-8.


Now that’s impressive

Leave it for a week and it will go to crazy altitudes

I like how as the aircraft gets closer to the Earth’s center, the OAT just reaches crazy temperatures. I always thought the OAT would go crazy, and start glitching.


If you point it nose down you can get it to nearly 7000kts!

Wow it is HOT over there!

How did you do that?!

get out, really 7000kts thats like the speed of light!!!

that would be so good

I did it in a f22 and then it started spinning and when out of control.

Got to this before the game crashed.


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How do you do this

flying at the center of the earth

OMG HOW?? I will want go try

Wait explain exactly how you managed to do this?

Wow, impressive!

Your aircraft should’ve melted lol

New kind of unrealism guys

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@anon45516261 he had you beat his was almost 83000

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