Broke the highest altitude record!

I was trying to reach the highest altitude possible and I destroyed the previous record !!!.(Don’t worry I have screenshots and videos!!!)

I was able to reach a altitude of 1’640’070feet

I know that there is other topics but I thought this deserve it’s own topic:)


How long did this take you?

That GS tho.


I added it.

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Dont you mean Space-craft?

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Should have nose dived back down

I did. My speed went so high that the numbers started glitching.

Mmmm yes.😂

I still can’t get above 80,000:/


I’ve also gotten to -440000 (approx)

I can get to about 130,000, but usually not much higher.

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I’ve seen some get to 238000 feet.

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Don’t worry, you’ll get there one day ;)

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or will he

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Kau sibeh basket sia!

Well done…now you beat my record…but at first you didn’t

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There we have it. A functioning Voyager Spacecraft. Bravo you updated IF 😂😂

HOW!!! How did you do that.

He has a magical Bug-checker device 😜

It was magic and the power of the mustache force. The mustache force has fighters that can go into space. That is why they hide them in Area 6

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