Broadway to Hollywood in 7 days! ( FLIGHT 2 )

Well here it is, the flight you’ve all been waiting for well at least the one I’ve been waiting for today we don’t waste any time at my friends apartment in Manhattan 🏙️ as we head out to JFK to catch a special American Airlines Airbus A321-200 designated as the A321T from here in New York City 🗽🍎 across the country to Los Angeles 🌴📸 I’ll be doing this flight in flagship first, the top class of service on this route the only planes in the AA fleet with flagship first are these special A321T’s and their Boeing 777-300ERs I had the privilege of flying flagship first on their 77W’s back when I flew between Miami 🌴😎 and Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 on my trip to Antarctica 🇦🇶 back in April now we begin the month of June on this special flight without further to do let’s get checked in!

Flight Info

Origin: John F Kennedy Intl ( KJFK )
Destination: Los Angeles Intl ( KLAX )
Flight Time: 5:01
Airbus A321-200 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

Unfortunately, our gate for this flight had NO views of the plane luckily, since I know JFK a lot I already knew this so I snagged this shot outside of the A321T taking us across the USA 🇺🇸 to LA 🌴📸 so your probably gonna ask, Why does American Airlines offer such luxuries on a domestic flight? Well this is the busiest domestic route in the USA 🇺🇸 with many flights with many passengers on them daily and because of this, airlines like to offer special services on these routes, for example jetBlue one of many airlines competing with AA on this very profitable 💰 route offers mint which is their business class, delta usually sends their 767s usually used for international travel on this route and AA uses their special A321T’s, United offers good services on this route if you can get their widebodies but instead of using JFK, they use the close by Newark Liberty Intl Airport ( EWR ) over in New Jersey as it’s their main hub for the New York area, in addition to LA 🌴📸 AA uses their A321T’s between JFK and San Francisco 🌁🏙️ and even Orange County 🍊also in the LA area but with enough of this rambling, let’s board shall we?

Here we are onboard the A321T taking me across the USA 🇺🇸 today, and I’ve never seen such cabin on a narrow body plane it’s exactly the same as flagship business ( domestic first ) on their 777-300ERs obviously since the actual ones cannot fit but this was the highlight of the whole flight a flight attendant came by gave me warm nuts and asked, “would you like something to drink before departure?” I was SURPRISED 😮 by this, I somehow asked for a Gin and Tonic but still, never would have expected this but again it’s JFK → LAX so I should’ve but let’s now head to JFK’s RWY 22R to get this cross country adventure started!

Before we depart I’d like to say this, our super friendly and skilled captain was retiring this week and he said this would be his LAST flight from JFK where he has been based for 30 years at American he previously worked for TWA and he wanted to take a relatively longer taxi out of here to say goodbye to JFK one last time 🥹 I will admit it made me tear up a bit 🥲 but some passengers were frustrated since many had connections at LAX but thankfully, me and my friend didn’t and we kinda enjoyed the taxi around JFK, eventually it was over, we rolled down RWY 22R to get airborne 🛫 leaving NYC 🗽🍎 behind with LA 🌴📸 ahead of us, let’s get settled in to this truly domestic first class seat!

Did some step climbing today, initially we climbed to FL320, than around 1 hour and a half after departure we climbed to FL340 and lastly once above the Rockies, FL360. We were served an amazing 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ lunch 🥪 usually they aren’t that good but this is just a special first class experience on AA we even cleaned out plates despite the great eats, the IFE was bad the touchscreen didn’t even work, everybodies was working fine but you know what my friend texted me “is your screen working?” WOW 😒 out of all screens on the plane, ours had to be broken but despite this minor annoyance, there was still plenty of choices between Movies 🍿 TV 📺 and games 🎮 so it’s pretty good ( if it works properly )

Around 3 hours into the flight, we crossed over the BEAUTIFUL 😍 Rockies ⛰️🏔️ definitely the most scenic part of our trip 😀

Sadly for me, I was on the left side of the plane so I couldn’t see the Grand Canyon below but thankfully, my friend was on the right and spotted it and sent me the pic, look at it blow isn’t it gorgeous? 🥰

LA 📸🌴 quickly came into view 👀 so it was time for this experience to come to an end, so this was definitely an amazing way to cross the USA 🇺🇸 great eats 🥪🍴lovely views 🥰👀 amazing lie flat seat, what more could you ask for? A better IFE maybe idk 😂 so if you have the money 💴 and better luck than me and my friend, this is definitely worth it 🤩

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Los Angeles Intl Airport 🌴📸 not my favorite airport but definitely one of the best for spotting, this is me and my friends first time in LA 🌴📸 and I can tell from the approach we’re gonna have a BLAST 💥 here!

Sneaky shot 📸

If you though the gate at JFK was bad, we’ll hate to say it but the one at LAX wasn’t any better but I did get a better shot here than at JFK and sadly, this was my first and probably last time flying the A321T since they are planning to be retrofitted with AA’s kodiak product which really sucks glad we both got the chance to experience it before it was gone, but anyways we’re both off to explore and goof around this massive city known as Los Angeles 🌴📸 between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉


  • This was my longest flight ( at least on the live servers )
  • I had this weird bug where even though the ATC volume was up, there wasn’t any voices for any ATC controllers at KJFK nor KLAX if anybody knows why let me know please :)

Nice pics! I like the Style of the topic

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thanks I try to make it feel like a tripreport!

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Great shots! I’m so excited that we have the second installment of this series!!
What did you have for your five star lunch?

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Had some tasty chicken


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