Broadcasted Message

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone else heard those two messages transmitted at approximately 6:42 PST p.m. on the Expert server. Here are the messages:

Very interesting, talk about it below…
EDIT: the two messages are the two last transmissions


Yes I think it was a global broadcast

I did see the messages, very cool!


Was waiting for someone to upload this haha. I thought I had accidentally tuned into a random ATC mid flight. Some clever work by Laura though, wonder what it may be used for in the future ;)


Most likely ATIS or Center, we will see though.

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Global broadcast, hmmm… 🤔 All I can think of is “Attention all aircraft, I’ve interrupted your regularly scheduled ATC to bring you my evil plan!” 😂😂😂


Got them down in Peru. :-) ⛰

I heard it to near okc it surprised me it was awesome

Then this was definitely an all-server broadcast, very interesting…

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I thought I was dreaming for a second. Laura is on to something…


Interesting… wonder what Laura is up to? 🍿🎥🤗


Has anyone heard the messages on any server except Expert?

Just got one from Laura. I heard it and thought I did something wrong as I was on approach. Had to process it.

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I never thought about it that way cool.i hope atis comes back

If it is between either of those two it is ATIS. Center would just disrupt a lot of things for flights and I do not believe they said Center will be coming back to IF Live due to potential to mess with people flying overnight flights and center issuing a call that is ignored and resulting in a ban… that is unless they implement strict Center interaction protocols for Live.


when i first saw them i thought it might be custom messages maybe? they are defiantly not from the normal set of commands.


What was ATIS? (sorry I haven’t been flying for long)

Can atis do a all server global broadcast? Also has her twitter given any clues

or it might be global broadcast, centre or atis. @Laura should know.

Imagine how many people would quit mid-flight if she used it to announce a landing fee?
“Attention all aircraft, as of tomorrow there will be a $2.50 landing fee for each landing. Pro subscribers get a reduced fee of $1.25”
instant rage on IFC and IFFG