I just heard on Expert Server a broadcast stating server will update. This my first time hearning this. Is this New from the DEVs?

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It was tested a while back. It is a nice way to let pilots know what is going to happen.


I got the message too. It’s cool.


@Chris_S does this only affect the expert server or all servers? (We’re having a conversation about this in slack…)

what does this mean?

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I love this message. This is great!!!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but The message gets sent across all servers on IF and it may disconnect you but you will reconnect fast ;)

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I show nothing on my ATC log for casual (But there’s no controlled ATC so that could be why)

I received the message too at KIAH…while trying not to crash in 0 visibility.


What are you all talking about??

I didn’t get the message either but I’m not connected to any ATC

Server reset message sent on expert. First time most of us heard it.

Ah ok I have no idea what it is.

Yep. Looks like we are good. If a mod wants to close this that would probably be a good idea.

Just flag it my friend.

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Just curious about something that just happened that I have never experienced. I was flying and a message came up that said the servers were restarting.
1 . Why does this happen?
2. Does this happen often?
Just curious because this has never happened to me! :)

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No need to worry. The Devs broadcast this when the servers are being updated. Continue on course.


Server updates do basically nothing when flying. Once updated, no crash, no glitch or anything. Just keep enjoying the view outside the cockpit.


Is a new update coming out for IF?

This is the second broadcast I’ve heard ;)

Don’t worry about them, when the servers will be updated, the devs will broadcast a message letting us know. Nothing will happen except we might lose connection to the live server for a minute or so.
Just keep flying and enjoying the view!

Safe flying!