Broadcast Messages

Always feel like your flights come and go without any recognition? Well, then this idea is just for you.

I am proposing the implementation of broadcast messages, which are essential an optional setting where once a player completes a memorable flight, (this will have minimum boundaries of either XP or flight time, if either one is met then the flight passes) their flight, once they have clicked the “end flight” button will then pop up as a text on everybody else’s screen. This text will then disappear within the next few seconds (a timer could be set). For exmple, the text might say “SallyO (callsign) just completed an outstanding 15 hour flight from Sydney International Airport to Dallas Fort Worth Airport earning XYZ xp”.

I think this setting should be optional since not everybody wants their flights to be public. The option could either be in settings or could pop up at the end of every flight after clicking “end flight” and before going the XP.

Also, these messages could be used to announce other things, e.g. server issues, upcoming maintenance, etc.


I guess this topic is similar to this even though its a feature. Although this is a good idea for people who aren’t on the IFC. Yet, most IF players are on the community. We will just have too see how this plays out.

Be sure to vote for your own topic if you want to start a movement.

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In my honest opinion, I’m afraid if the app will crash due to the huge amount of messages during peak hours unfortunately. But nice idea


Hmm, I could see this being abused, also if you had the option on and you were on final, it could be very distracting

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could only be implemented for users Grade 3 and above. That should reduce the total, or it could be made so it’s only the aircraft X distance away from you and closer.

It’s an optional setting, can be disabled before landing.

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Unfortunately still, just say that an airport will be used for a huge scale event like IFVARB Summit last night where many people spawn and leave every mins. Which will distract those who enable this feature unfortunately. Or even worse as this might cause app crash

I could see them for upcoming maintenance/server notices, but this is unnecessary. It would be too much like a video game if it were like that.

Example: “ATTENTION: The Expert Server will be temporarily be going offline in 2 hours due to scheduled maintenance.” It would appear at the top of your screen like ATC messages do, warnings/violations, over speed, etc.

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Well, this is for “Broadcast Messages”. This could be a useful feature, just not for people’s flights.
If you want to keep this idea, I think that you should edit it to just be about broadcasting important messages in-app, instead of with the IFC.
That would actually be handy.

Good idea, but now with hundreds (even thousands) and people ending flights left and right it may get a bit crowded

MaxSez: Ah yes a “Stroke” message, it’s a new age Ego thing. Everybody needs as a bit of reassurance from time to time even if it’s Machine generated . I vote NO! Regards All.


This is the equivalent of a participation trophy. No…jus no.