Broadcast messages displayed in personal ATC chat


In this request I am requesting the broadcast messages to also be displayed in your personal ATC chat. When you open the ATC menu, it shows all communications, but when you double tap the ATC log you filter it to your messages.

Currently the broadcast messages do not appear in this chat, and then it can be difficult to find the message back, especially when on a busy airport

Hello, Those are called broadcast messages. For example: The ATC sends you a message, but the message goes to everyone.

In other words: The Controller can choose the pilot and sends him a broadcast message, but the message goes to everyone. That’s the reason of “Antenttion all Aircraft”

That’s the reason why. :)

You can check this out by controlling a airport. Just search on the ATC menu “broadcast messages”.

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Yeah I know. I just couldn´t find the word broadcast haha thanks. I am IFATC btw so yeah I did know it. Will change the titles to ´broadcast´

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