Broadcast message to specific controllers approach is active

We are seeing this more and more lately and I personally have been on the wrong side more then once since the 2 click plane info came out.

What I’m suggesting is a frequency broadcast message to the specific tower and center controllers when approach becomes active.

“Xxxx approach is now open”
Yes I know we have this at the top left corner now but in high traffic times it’s not always caught and only lists 3 frequencies if people are moving in and out it can be difficult to catch.


Maybe a special highlight when one of your airport frequencies comes online?


Possibly I really hate making my fellow controllers mad cause I don’t hand off due to not knowing they are active.


Possibily instead of having the airport writing in green, when Approach comes online change it to blue or something.


Also another good possibility blue probably isn’t the best choice since it’s that color when it’s Unicom but I like the idea.

Edited I stand corrected by Joe blue would work.

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Would be great if every airport had a PM interface , so all ground, tower , apr/dep at certain airport could communicate with each other. I know when I control tower one thing that chaos cause is when ground keep giving commands for aircraft to taxi to other runways and then keeps changing the order it then turns into aircraft wanting to take off at each end of the runway 😵

White is inavctive.