Broadcast Message: Technical difficulties

Is there a possibility to have an ATC message to broadcast when there are technical difficulties with the Live Server?

I had been controlling at Heathrow, and experienced difficulties with planes repeatedly disappearing and reappearing again, often with no ability to reply to their messages.

Is it possible to have a message such as:
“Attention all aircraft, ATC is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please be patient”
Or does a similar command already exist. I haven’t been able to find anything in the menus



Hey Alan, Welcome to the Community!

The problem may be that the Aircrafts can disappear from the radar screen as they may be outside the airspace, or too far away from the main airport. The Airspace indicates the three circles on the map of a particular airport. I may not be fully correct but this might be the reason of miscommunication.

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Currently, there doesn’t exist any messages like “Attention all aircraft, ATC is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please be patient.” Try to exit the session if you experience any issues.

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If you’d like to have this in the game or recommend it to the developers, hop towards the features category. Although, you must be Trust Level 2 to create a feature request. Read here how to reach it!


Such a command does not currently exist, but a feature request has just been made. If you want to see this, go give it a vote :)

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Definitely, the request wouldn’t be the most commonly used as personal connectivity issues are more common than server ones, however it just happened that it was a Live server connectivity issue when I was controlling, and I thought that it would be a good idea to have a message for that

Unfortunately, the issue existed when I was controlling Heathrow Ground, and aircraft were intermittently disappearing from the radar while being on the ground at the airport. The problem status indicator said that it was issue with the Live Server.

I definitely understand what you mean though, thank you for your reply!

Thank you! I will upvote that feature request

Hi there!
To be honest, I think that this already exists, but only the ATC are able to use it. I believe that when there is an update happening, the ATC would broadcast a message saying that the server will go down in a few minutes.

U can do that on T/S 2

Oh, my bad. I edited the reply then.

Ahhh, ok, thank you. I don’t think that’s precisely the same message, but I’m assuming it has a similar use case, so I guess in the meantime I’ll probably use that. I have never seen it myself, but I’ll definitely look thoroughly next time

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Ok, thank you very much. I’ll definitely try to find it next time!

The problem that there are many causes.

If it is on your side, if you were having communication problems how would you he able to broadcast? It’s like calling for help when you know your phone is dead.

Majority of the time the disappearing planes is the pilot connection. They are closing IF even for a few seconds to check a webpage, forum, Twitter, or even a phone call.

If the devs need to reboot something they send a server wide message.


Thank you, that makes a lot of sense! I think I’ll just let it be than

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