Brize Norton flights

I would like to do a long haul flight from Brize Norton on a military plane but am not sure what realistic flight to do. If anyone could give me a suggestion that would be much appreciated!

Also I am not sure if this is the right category to
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I am going to do Brize Norton to KLSV I don’t know how realistic it is but the C-17 can do it on one fuel tank

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When are you gonna do it? I

The C-32 (757) from Brize Norton to Andrews AFB.


10 PM Central

Might do the flight later this week when I have more time as it is around 10 hours and will probably do it in the 757 Air Force

Let me know how you get on !

Brize Norton to Edwards AFB, Ca.
This is a realistic flight. C-17

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What do you want to know

If the c17 makes it with enough fuel and how long it took!

@Cityflyer I might call up refueler near Iceland

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ok! Do you know if there would be any realistic stopover airport in the middle of the flight

Maybe Dover Air Force Base Delaware US

I should do EGVN to KLSV. I’ve done that flight 2 times in the c17 and made a screenshots and videos topic about that flight! It’s around 10 and a half hour.

Nice long flight would be in the A330 generic (as we dont have the -200 yet the -300 will do) you can fly to the Ascension Islands then connect onto Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands, this is a realistic route for the RAF.


Usually that flight has a technical stop in Dakar (GOBD) or Sal (GVAC)

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You can do EGVN to KMGE in the DC-10

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does the plane have enough fuel?

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Yes, but with this flight I would recommend to fly without cargo!

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yeah it would be ridiculously overweight