Britten Norman trislander

Found this on flight radar and personally would love to see this unique aircraft in the sim would be great for island hoping or short runways
Operators aurigny


I love this aircraft; I would also love to see it in the sim.


Looks like a Dash 8 Q400 mixed with a TU-154


Looks like a pen…


That’s what makes it unique

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That was too old

Very interesting

So? I also made one and that one was three months old at that time.

Ugh I even searched it and couldn’t find anything. Wth well this is a new refreshed one for all the new community members to see and like or dislike

Here’s a poll to see what the communities views are

  • Want it in the sim
  • Don’t want it in the sim
  • Don’t mind

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It’s a TriProp.

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For a trip top I would prefer a ford trimotor

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Tri prop not trip top

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Please read this: Too Many Polls

Thank you don’t know how to do those

yes this would look weird plus awesome. = IF needs this

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Sorry. But they are only suggestions and not rules yet. So you may find it annoying but I have helped the creator of the topic as he doesn’t know how to make one.

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Yesss this needs to get added. Inside I bet it feels like you’re on the floor 😉

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How to make this plane.
Get a MD-11, shorten it. Then take your 3 turboprop engines, replace the original MD-11 engines with the turboprops. There! Now you have your brand new MD-11!