Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

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This plane is an STOL twin-turboprop aircraft, mostly used for commerical air taxis between areas with short runways or as an air ambulance.

  • Crew: 1 or 2

  • Capacity: up to 9 passengers

  • Length: 35 ft 8 in (10.86 m)

  • Wingspan: 49 ft (14.94 m)

  • Height: 13 ft 9 in (4.18 m)

  • Maximum speed: 170 mph (147 knots, 273 km/h)

  • Cruise speed: 160 mph (139 knots, 257 km/h)

  • Stall speed: 40 mph (35 knots, 64 km/h)

  • Minimum controllable speed: 45 mph (39 knots, 72 km/h)

  • Range: 874 miles (756 nm, 1,400 km)

  • Service ceiling: 13,200 ft (4,024 m)

  • Rate of climb: 970 ft/min (295 m/min)

It is used as the Skybus flying to the Isles of Scilly, as a high-speed transport aircraft by Loganair to from the Scottish Islands to the mainland, as well as countless air forces, law enforcement services and skydiving groups. With a cost of under $55,000 it’s under a 5th of the price of a new C172. With all the beautiful islands and STOL airports present in global i think this airplane would be an amazing asset to the game!

You have my vote! Beautiful aircraft. If they had the Hebridean livery, I’d probably die of excitement.


They’re in the Scottish islands alot right? I’m editing all those airports so this would be perfect to explore them


Yes. Hebridean main base is in Oban Airport, and go to Tiree and Coll airports!


With a cost of under $55,000 ? That sure sounds a little low. I did a quick price search and those aircraft are over $150,000+… and some are from the 1970’s. :D


Maybe because there are other GA aircraft that are way more popular?

I’ll consider a vote :)


Do you mean ‘STOL’? Like: short T/O Landing?

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That’s a really beautiful pic! The drenched taxiway makes it look cool 😎

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I guess thats what he meant, he said it twice and got it right the second time. Those aircraft lift off pretty quickly.

The clue’s in the name!

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Yes yes yes more GA Got my vote easyyy Hopefully this can be added

@Insertusernamehere@Laura_Murphy… Would give you a vote big guy but @Laura_Murphy pic with the “King Air” in the background reminded me where my heart is, it got my first twin GA in the inventory vote. GA all the Way! Max


They use twin Lycoming O-540s, which makes about 350 horsepower. Definitely not turbo props.

I want this solely to fly at 39kn


This is an awesome aircraft that not many people know about. It flies the shortest commercial flight in the world between Papa Westray and Westray. The record for this flight was a whopping 53 seconds.

This aircraft also operates with the Royal Army and is capable of transatlantic hops with careful planning.

I’m surprised as well that not more people have requested this but again it’s provably a hidden gem. You have my vote, let’s keep this topic going!


MaxSez: I like this reginal twin. Just a cheap well made simple platform money maker for both cargo and pax’s in those out of the way places WW. ONLY one registered carrier in the US., New England Air out of JFK. The UK police Service and military use this bird as a Utility Craft you see them daily flocking around the motorways and mil aerodromes. The newest addition to the fleet is the BN-2(T) a Turbo.

This Aircraft has comparable,Cessna 402,Cessna 208 Caravan,Dornier Do 28,GippsAero GA8 Airvan & Piper PA-31 Navajo


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