Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

I will love to fly on that wonderful twin engine airplane ! let’s keep that feature alive for the next update :)

Seeing the Highland Park liveried beast would make me very happy. I’ve seen this a few times on my way in to Kirkwall.


That livery looks beautiful. This plane would be perfect for ultra short haul flights in Global!

I’ve always loved this aircraft - so uniquely odd.

Remember only picture per feature request guys.

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Removed a vote for this! This is one of my favorite planes. I’ve only been in one of them once but I hope to get my license for this plane one day. I believe this would be an amazing addition to IF!

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Voted! I would LOVE to see this, it’s a very good island hopper! I would really like to fly around in a Divi Divi one

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I would but I’m all out of votes


James Bond right? XD

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Photo Credits: A M Spalding @

One of the BN-2 Islanders belonging to FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service) on the ground on Pebble Island, UK with a Sikorsky S-61 landing behind for dramatic effect 😍🏝

Photo Credits: Tomo Papa @

Nice Union Jack paint going on on this BN-2 at RAF Fairford 🇬🇧