BritishAirways001's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KDAL [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hey everyone my last tracking thread was closed because I couldn’t edit it I have my practical tomorrow I hope to see you all there!

ATC Tracking Thread

Status : Open

Airport : KDAL

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Will try to attend. Tag me when open, thanks.

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@Captain_Paul open at KDAL

Tell me if someone comes, I’ll join. Can’t really right now, but I’m gonna try.

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Alright closed now thanks to everyone that did come and started to fly patterns

Hello, I was LY-CP.


  • N143BF was inbound, he did not get pattern entry and sequence. You could have sequenced him behind G-PMKY and cleared N14BF for landing.

You resequenced N143BF to follow G-PMKY, good job on that.

I will ignore wrong runway assignments and reassignments, because mistakes do happen to all of us.

  • G-PMKY announced a G/A, if you had given him a command which traffic to make left/right, that would be perfect.

  • Wrong sequence after I requested runway change, I was told that I’m number 3, traffic to follow is on final. Wrong, it was supposed to be: number 3, traffic to follow is on left downwind, since G-PMKY was already following N143BF on final, so I had to follow G-PMKY.

  • N143BF did not get exit runway command.

  • You forgot to clear me and G-PMKY for an option.
    Remember, pattern entry ( if inbound or RWY change ) sequence, clear and forget about them.

  • G-PMKY did not get sequenced. You should’ve given him: number 2, traffic to follow is on final. And then clear him for an option.

  • Southwest 1074 didn’t have to hold short all that time, because I was on final. Jets are way faster than props, so keep that in mind next time.

  • Immediate takeoff was not necessary for Southwest 1074, reason why is above.

  • N143BF was told to LUAW, when Southwest 1074 was already at his rotation speed.
    Typically, if an aircraft is around 80-90kts you can clear another aircraft waiting in the line for takeoff.

  • You told CX-ILS to enter left base for RWY 13L, instead you should have waited for him/her to announce his/hers intentions.

These are mistakes you made overall, your weakness is sequencing mainly.

I suggest you taking a look into Manual:

Don’t rush, and think few steps ahead and you should be in a good shape for Practical Test.


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Yea sorry there were many aircraft and it was very annoying because people requested to taxi and people wanted to land

Hey everyone open at KDAL please request runway change most of the time so I can practice sequencing my practical is soon!

My sequencing will never get better if no one joins D:

Are u open or closed bcuz title says open and post says closed

I am open now

Closed now

Open practical is less than an hour need all the help

Stoping by now!

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Closed now

Closed per OP request.