BritishAirways001’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA


Welcome everyone to BritishAirways001 Radar Tracking Thread join if you can thanks! This thread was made for me to practice my radar skills for officer rank in IFATC





topic was approved by my trainer @Panther


Ping me when you open up :)


Hey everyone open at OMAA come join @USA_ATC

Wish I could join but I can’t now
Ping me when you do open though

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Here’s some feedback from my side.

  • Every pattern you gave me 4000ft, also with the MA instructions, while 3000ft is fine at airports with no significant terrain.
  • For the first pattern you gave me an heading of 120degrees, which caused me to overshoot the LOC at the end. If you see an aircraft is moving to close to the cone, it isn’t a bad thing to make micro corrections (eg giving me 130/140 to correct). Just make sure it doesn’t happen too often because trainers and tester don’t like micro corrections.
  • The moment you saw I was going to overshoot the LOC, you could’ve give me another clearance with heading 280 to get me on the LOC after all.
  • For the second pattern, you didn’t give the runway I asked for (31R). When it’s not busy like this, you can just give the runway an pilot asks for.
  • The VIS approach was fine. What you could also have done, is get me to 3000ft on downwind, and then an early base at 2000 and then ask RAIS. Would safe a lot of time for the pilot and is a thing trainers like! (I’ll send an screenshot with what I mean)

So, you’re well on the way, but more practise is needed.


I forgot one thing: seperation bust with the Etihad. You just turned him to his clearance altitude and heading, which was good. But I was way too close to the cone (just like the first pattern which resulted in an MA, again because of the 120 degrees heading instead of 130). So you gave me the turn but also descend to 3000ft, which caused me to bust with the Etihad (<1000ft sep in a 3NM radius).
Btw, altough I was too close to the cone with the VIS approach, you fixed that very good!

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