BritishAirways001’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I will do so much practice

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Sorry about that, I had to go mid flight.

It’s fine don’t worry

Open at EDDF

When you join IFATC, you’ll only be tested on ground and tower. Approach comes later on, so ground and tower are the only ones you should practice for now. Also, KLAX is one of the worse airports you want to practice at due to the amount of traffic making it hard for pattern work and the amount of trolls you’ll get.

I just like to have busy airports but I will change to ground and tower at another airport would you like to join?

I am open now LFPG

It won’t help. Even thought the traffic amounts are high, most of the pilots are inexperienced and cannot give you any feedback. Open at a quieter airport, and once you have some more proffesional people that can give you feedback, you can improve more.

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I am open at LFPG

Would u like to join

I mean I wasn’t around too long but you did everything right in my opinion!

Thanks for coming :D

No problem you did the same for me so why not?

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Open in EDDF

Open in OMDB

Open in Denver KDEN

Will be able to come in 40-50 min

Open EDDM join

I am still open for anyone who wants to join