BritishAirways001’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Notams : Join give me feedback

On my way!

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Thanks for coming

Here’s a little feedback:

1.when I requested taxi the correct answer should have been clearing me for pushback as there was grass in front of me

  1. Landing clearance within the pattern should be given on crosswind or early downwind.

Sequencing (if needed) should be done on crosswind

Pattern entry for a runway change should be given on upwind

  1. Good job with exit runway command
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Thanks for the feedback :D

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Firstly, let me wish you the very best of luck with joining IFATC. You must enjoy working as a controller on IF and it is great that you are driven towards joining the group. My feedback begins below.


  1. Having started at ETSE (a nearby airport), after taking off, I requested transition through EDDM airspace at first. You gave me the incorrect altitude for transition, however, instructing me to keep at least 5,000ft in altitude — this was 1,000ft too high. Remember: when calculating transitions altitude, virtually always it is airport elevation (rounded up to the nearest 500ft + 2,500ft = transition altitude. In this case, you should have gotten 1,487ft (rounded to 1,500ft) + 2,500 = 4,000ft – an altitude 1,000ft below your instruction.
  2. Lufthansa 9960 requested takeoff at runway 08R. Though you handled this decently, I don’t know why you instructed to fly runway heading until 6,000ft — there was no traffic in the airspace other than me (and I was behind them). Constraining them so much was not needed.
  3. You didn’t handle Condor 1803 very well. Each time — on the right downwind, the right base, and the final — they had to continue reporting their position. They received no clearance in the end and landed (without instructions) on runway 08R. All-in-all, Condor 1803 was not handled properly.
  4. Looking back at me (BAVA370), when I informed you that I would be inbound for a touch and go, you skipped a few steps and cleared me for the option number 1 (see point 5) straight away. You have to, in the first instance, give aircraft a pattern entry (i.e. enter right downwind, enter right base, enter left downwind, enter left base, and enter straight in). Not only this, but you sent me to the wrong runway. I was closed to 08L which had no traffic, yet you sent me to runway 08R. At least you told me to make “right traffic” after. My inbound was not handled correctly.
  5. Now, with me and Condor 1803, on final for runway 08R (see point 3), you didn’t give us any sequencing. Despite the fact they were in front of me, I was cleared as number 1. Sequencing was needed here. Condor 1803 should have been number 1, with me “number 2, traffic to follow is on final.”
  6. You were far too slow with Condor 1803’s exit instructions. They managed to slow to less than 40kn before being told to exit the runway. This failure was exacerbated by the fact I was on a 2nm short final. Though you did tell them to “please expedite, traffic on final” you were too slow. Remember: you can, and should, issue an exit instruction after the aircraft slows to a controlled speed (usually less than 70kn). They only just managed to exit the runway fully before I touched down. You should have sent me for a “go around,” however, because of your exit instruction delay with Condor 1803.
  7. You handled Speedbird 4’s takeoff improperly, telling them to make an “immediate takeoff.” There was no traffic in the airspace, let alone on short final, to warrant this. Nor was there any pile-up behind Speedbird 4, them being the only aircraft waiting to take off at runway 08R. Again, you instructed them to climb to 6,000ft before turning. This wasn’t needed, let the user operate as they wish unless there is a conflict or traffic. There was none and your 6,000ft hindrance was inappropriate.
  8. After making “right traffic,” at your own command, I had radio silence until I was on the right base leg of my pattern. Then, you asked me to “say intentions.” You already know my intentions, after instructing me to “make right traffic.” I had to then say (after turning) that I was “on final runway 08R, touch and go.” Not only should I not have had to remind you of my intentions (you having commanded my actions), I only received a “roger” as feedback. I received no clearance for the option and performed my touch and go without warrant from the Tower.
  9. You handled the takeoff of KLM 711 at runway 08L correctly, with a simple “cleared for takeoff.” Well done.
  10. After requesting a change to runway 08L, you sent me for “right downwind.” This was confusing. With no traffic, it would’ve been appropriate to have me enter through the left downwind phase of a pattern.
  11. I had to remind you once again that I had not been given clearance by sending the message “BAVA370 is on right base runway 08L.” Instead of realising your error, you just gave me a simple “roger” with no clearance.
  12. I performed a stop and go on runway 08L. Correctly, you did not tell me to exit the runway. The option covers everything (i.e. full stop landing, stop and go, and touch and go) and so you shouldn’t have (and didn’t) interrupt my option. Well done for this, but that doesn’t take away from the fact I had no clearance in the first place.
  13. I took off again and then exited the app; I had come to my conclusion.

Once again, I reaffirm my wishes of good luck in becoming a controller with IFATC but I don’t think you are near ready to join the recruitment process — from what I have seen. All but one thing was incorrect, mistimed, or just weren’t done.

The ‘practice makes perfect’ saying is all well and good, but I feel you do not yet know what you’re practising. You need to work on your procedural theory using the IFATC manual. Some help may come from the tutorial videos attached via link below.

When you are confident with the unpractised theory, then you should work on your own training (as you were doing today, and then you should join the IFATC recruitment process.



Thanks for the feedback I didn’t know I did that many mistakes

Open in EDDM
NOTAMS : Runway 8L and 8R in use

Still open for anybody who wants to join

No one is showing up and all I get is people who don’t use atc :(

I was open for an hour and all I got were people who didn’t use atc

Thank you for coming but you did not use ATC for taxi to the runway please do that before

Never mind it was someone else sorry

Open in OMAA 

NOTAM : runway 31L and 31R in use

Come join and do some patterns

I’ll be joining in a 787, doing some patterns and then departing to Zurich

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Sure come then enjoy your flight

Just a notice, if someone tells you that they are going to fly some patterns, don’t issue them a frequency change approved, let them ask you for a departure or a frequency change as soon as they want to leave the airspace.
Otherwise good good controlling and good luck as soon as you start taking the ATC test

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Thank you for joining I will start my atc tests in a month because of the 60 days since last being ghosted

Been open for an hour only 2 people came thanks to them