BritishAirways001’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Open in OOMS 

NOTAMS : 08L AND 8R in use 8L for takeoff 8R for landing

Please join and do some patterns

Closed because nobody came around D:

All info is here

Closed once again I don’t know why people don’t come to my thread but go to others no one came by ):

I am open now in


NOTAMS : 26L and 26R in use 26R for landing 26L for takeoff

Open in OOMS 

NOTAMS : 8R and 8L in use 8R for take off 8L for landing

I’ll be there!

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Hi @BritishAirways001 !
From what I saw you did a great job with sequencing and the flow of traffic! However it would be interesting if you maybe controlled a bigger airport as there were norm many of us today!
My only improvement is I had to remind you two times about me landing from the moment when you cleared me you should know I was remaining in the pattern and soon after cleared me for landing!
Very good job all round!
Happy Flying :D
Cign (N121WS)
P.S I only did two patterns all the above may be different to normal!


Thanks for the feedback

Okay, so:

  1. You approved pushback even though it wasn’t required (if somebody request in this Situation just tell him to taxi)
  2. You didn’t give me a direction to head after my first runway change you just cleared me without giving me direction
  3. I announced that I am on left downwind but that’s unnecessary so you should have told me that I am already cleared to land (you will find the command under misc. messages)
  4. you should really avoid to clear a random aircraft on the opposite runway heading even if it’s clear that the others will be off the runway in time!
    Other than that pretty good!

Hey this happens when people don’t follow my instructions

And the same as @Captain_Cign : You really should clear/sequence earlier! You can start if the aircraft are on crosswind already if there isn’t too much traffic

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Hey there! Thanks for controlling today at OOMS. I was N231ZB and here are some things I’ve noticed during your session:


  • Late landing clearance as I was about to turn base. Make sure to issue landing clearance and/or sequencing when the aircraft is on late crosswind/early downwind only if you are for sure that is what number the aircraft is in line. (16:22)

  • Since you already cleared me to make right traffic, “after the option, make right traffic” is not needed again. Make sure to use this only with runway changes and inbound aircraft for touch and gos. (16:22)

  • Another late landing clearance. (16:27)

  • When announcing “full stop”, no need for another clearance since you already “cleared me for the option”. This means I am cleared to do one of the following: Touch and go, full stop, low pass, or stop and go. So whenever you have already cleared someone and they announce “full stop”, simply reply with “roger” (16:32)

  • I also didn’t see any sequencing going on, there were 3 aircrafts in the pattern. Sequencing is a really big part in traffic patterns because it lets the aircraft know who to follow and what number they are. Make sure to sequence.

Overall, I think you know the basics and have some understanding but a little more practice will get you there. Below, I have posted some threads for you to check out that will really help you get an understanding for this whole thing. Any other questions you have, feel free to PM me.

-IFATC VulicityHD

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I do agree with this the only problem is on Training ATC dosen’t really decide, if you don’t clear them on the rwy they want, they will land there anyway regardless!
Happy Flying :D

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8L and 8R in use 8L for landing 8R for takeoff come and join do some patterns

Runway 8R and 8L in use 8R for takeoff 8L for landing

Open in OOMS 

NOTAMS : 8L and 8R in use thanks!

Closed cuz nobody came around why? Idk if you want to join join if you don’t then don’t

I would open in the afternoon more people will come

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