BritishAirways001’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I am going to take the written test soon please drop by and help out Thanks!
Some rules if you join
Make sure you have a flight plan before you takeoff and don’t spam thank you 🙂

Status Open
Server Training
Airport OOMS

NOTAM : join me and do some patterns sequencing will be there


When will you be open? I’ll pop along.

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Soon thanks also for coming to the airport

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I need to know the time (in Zulu)

@rebal15 I will tell you when

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I will be open now at yssy

May I also suggest not opening such a big airport? Something like EDDT or KSSC is good.

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Sure next airport will be London gatwick

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I am open now

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Are you Captain Joe?

Ok thank you @BritishAirways001. There were quite a few issues, sorry for taking a while to type it out. (I had to walk my dog)

Absolutely no sequencing at all, this is a huge issue, because no body knew who to follow.

09:35:40 - You cleared me for a transition at 3500ft, it should have been 2500ft.

09:36:34 - You cleared me to land, but I hadn’t even announced an inbound yet.

09:37:00 - You said maintain slowest practical speed, there was no need to.

09:38:49 - I announced my inbound, and you said ‘continue inbound’, however you should have given me a pattern entry.

09:43:35 - You told N178NC to line up and wait, there was no need for this, you could have just cleared him for takeoff.

09:44:01 - You told N178NC to fly RW heading until 5000ft, no need for this

09:44:27 - You said unable after I requested a runway change, even though it was perfectly feasible.

09:50:05 - I kept reporting my position, as you cleared me very late for the option, almost as I was on short final

09:50:40 - You told N178NC to make a 360, you didn’t need to do this, it is the pilots responsibility to maintain separation, if not, issue a go around.

09:52:43 - You told me that I was cleared to land RW 34L, but you hadn’t patterned me in yet

There may have been a few more mistakes that I have missed. I recommend that after you have attempted the written test, you contact a trainer, they will help you with all of this.

I apologise if I have been harsh, but I believe that the more feedback you get, the better you’ll be!


Feedback for joining IFATC: 1.) progressive taxi only when you absolutely need to.

2.) if you are opening for operations and practice to join IFATC you should be familiar with the IFATC manual and practice the accepted procedures. ie not assigning straight out to an altitude when someone is requesting patterns to help you practice. not asking for 360s when not needed.

3.) order of operations when someone calls inbound, is give pattern entry, then sequence, then clearance. this is always a must…

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My first time having this many planes didn’t expect this

Going to try to learn everything about being atc in IF but thanks for coming

Thanks for the feedback

Sorry for being so harsh. Watch all the tutorials, read the manual, and practice, it’s the only way you’ll get good and pass the tests to get into IFATC. Keep posting when you are open and people will come fly patterns and get you ready for that test.

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It’s fine by telling me this I would know what to do in the future

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Ah I see. The more you open up, the more practise you’ll get! I’m around quite often now, because I’m off school, so I’ll try to come along most of the time you open up.

Also, I updated my feedback, see my reply above.

I am open now in egkk


Anyone want to join I am active in egkk now