BritishAirways001 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed] @N/A

Sorry it was just me on my own too after all that. Feel free to highlight me next time you’re open, and I won’t make any promises but I might be able to drop by.

The only thing I would note is that one of the options is a low approach - the wheels don’t have to touch down - so don’t be too quick to call a go-around if you have someone just sailing down the runway like that. Otherwise you were quick and consistent so that’s a great foundation.

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You were going to land on the taxi way so I had to make you go around

Open at KDAL

If anyone would like to drop by it would be nice

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On my way!

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So, some feedback,
Transition was great a bit higher would have been better though.
Good job giving pattern entries when required but when when I was cleared for 31R and went for 31L you should have sent check assigned runway sooner and by the point you did that should have been a go around. Another thing was I was flying at around 5000AGL which is way too high so you should have sent descend to pattern altitude. Also good job with the already cleared to land when I was reporting positions and also for clearing me to land when I reported full stop.

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Well you were around 72 speed on the ground so the exit runway was at the right time

Just checked replay I took longer then usual to slow down so nevermind runway exit was spot on.

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Alright closing now

Hey every one open at EGDR military aircraft only

Closed might open later

Open at KDAL

Open again at KDAL

Alright closed now


Overall I think you have the basics pretty well covered. There are some minor things which you can think about in more detail now.

  • Transition height of 2000’ for United 85 is too low. It should be 2500’ AAL and KDAL is not at -500’, so what should it have been?
  • Don’t be tempted to over-control, particularly on speed and extend downwind commands. Pilots are responsible for separation - trust them. You gave both Speedbird 222 and I “maintain slowest practical speed” on final, which is almost never appropriate. You also gave Speedbird 222 a maintain slowest on a downwind once, and an extend downwind twice which were unnecessary.

Leg extensions are useful sometimes, for example when doing runway changes or because you’re planning on changing the sequence, perhaps by inserting other aircraft, but they should be used sparingly.

  • Good catch giving me a go-around on LSCHUPP, and well done for also cancelling the take-off clearance. However, it probably shouldn’t have got to that stage in the first place - even immediate take-off with an inbound at 1nm is too late!
  • No need to re-clear with a new number when the preceding aircraft lands.

Your pattern handling is much better than the last time I saw it, so well done!


Thanks for the feedback

Tried to make SpeedBird 222 to keep a good distance so he doesn’t have to go around


Like @powdarrmonkey said, you know, what you’re doing. I 100% agree with everything he said
•There were too many ‘extend downwind’ commands and ‘maintain slowest practical speed’ commands

You have a really good situational awareness, but please fix those mistakes 😄

Well done!!

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Yep, I could see your intention, but with early sequencing it shouldn’t be an issue. Remember the mantra, trust your pilots!

(On expert, anyway. I realise TS is a wild west.)

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Alright everyone open at KDAL