BritishAirways001 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED PRACTICAL Soon]

That isn’t a rule that’s stated in the manual.

We don’t use realistic ops here for a lot of things (I’m not even sure if that is a thing at KDAL, to be brutally honest). Standard clearance points should be used throughout to keep consistency. Early downwind for patterns, and for inbounds, once they’ve been given any appropriate pattern entries/sequencing. If anything, waiting until final is risky, and it is not really encouraged at all. Clear them early.


Sorry about that. I thought I saw it in the manual but I believe you since you guys have it memorized in the back of your head

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This is not part of the IFATC test, please don’t make unfair traps for people who are specifically practising for the test.

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Redo on the feedback:

What you can improve on:

You helped my emergency get down safely.

Score 10/10

Wow I did not know this. I am learning a lot for when I apply for IFATC