BritishAirways001 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED PRACTICAL Soon]

Good luck on your practical!

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This was a good session - you clearly learned a lot from feedback and practicing, and it shows. Well done!

I just have two comments from this session:

  • There were quite a lot of corrections and disregards; be really, really careful to get it right first time (and don’t send “I’m sorry” unless you really need to, it costs time and doesn’t really add much to a correction).
  • When giving sequences take care with the leg of the preceding aircraft; I saw several “on downwind” for leaders on base or final. If the aircraft is turning base, call it as base.

Good luck with the practical!

Yea thanks for the feedback

It looks like unexpected warmup for your practical with 4-5 pilots appearing (it was uncoordinated of course). Thanks @MJP_27 @powdarrmonkey @Henry and @Ricky_Bay for that action.

Onto feedback:

  • Exit runway was not given, it was small but we not sure whether it could affect your results
  • Good job on check assigned runway, I was about to go 31L but I turned too late, resulting in illusion I’ll go 31R instead

All the best for your practical :)

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Thanks! My practical in 18 min!

Good luck!

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Thanks! Hope I pass

Hope to see you in the slack later!

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Best of luck! Remember to stay calm, think clearly, and monitor your airspace. 🙂


Well did not pass my practical

Keep working at it - I didn’t pass my first two practicals, but I learned a lot from doing them. Don’t foget you’re eligible for more structured training now too.


Open at KDAL

Closing now might open later

Here is my feedback with my unrealistic 77L
1 I was an emergency Aircraft. Right engine failure and couldn’t go around .

I only have 1 thing that needs improvement. For an airport like KDAL you should issue landing clearances once an aircraft is stabilized on final.
Other than that you did great!
The please check assigned runway really helped out a lot

Overall 9.5/10

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That isn’t a rule that’s stated in the manual.

We don’t use realistic ops here for a lot of things (I’m not even sure if that is a thing at KDAL, to be brutally honest). Standard clearance points should be used throughout to keep consistency. Early downwind for patterns, and for inbounds, once they’ve been given any appropriate pattern entries/sequencing. If anything, waiting until final is risky, and it is not really encouraged at all. Clear them early.


Sorry about that. I thought I saw it in the manual but I believe you since you guys have it memorized in the back of your head

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This is not part of the IFATC test, please don’t make unfair traps for people who are specifically practising for the test.

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Redo on the feedback:

What you can improve on:

You helped my emergency get down safely.

Score 10/10

Wow I did not know this. I am learning a lot for when I apply for IFATC