British Overseas Airways Corporation - BOAC Virtual Airlines


I’m happy to announce BOAC Virtual! Formerly Redwings Virtual.

BOAC is the predecessor of BA, and we fly British Airways fleet aircraft. On the release of global, we fly fly the real British Airways routes. Make sure to join as one of already 50 pilots, with 30,000 minutes of flying time logged!

You can check out or site here, and join here!

Our fleet:

###BA Cityflyer
ERJ 190

###BA short haul

###BA medium haul

###BA long haul

Our Routes:

Our current routes. Please note, that on global these routes will change.

###South California

KSAN-KLAX - Short haul
KSAN-KPSP - Short/long haul
KSAN-KNUC - Cityflyer/short haul
KSAN-KONT - Cityflyer
KSAN-KNXP - Long haul
KSAN-L35 - Cityflyer (Senior Captains only)

###Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

WSSS-WMBT - Cityflyer (Senior Captain only)
WSSS-WIDD - Cityflyer
WSSS-WMKK - Long haul


EGBB-EGNX - Cityflyer
EGBB-EGBN - Cityflyer
EGBB-EGHI - Long haul
EGBB-EGHJ - Charter
EGBB-EGLF - Short haul
EGBB-EGLL - Short/long haul
EGBB-EGKK - Short/long haul
EGBB-EGSS - Short haul
EGBB-EGLC - Cityflyer/A318 (Senior Captains only (A318’s are allowed here))


PHNL-PHHI - Cityflyer
PHNL-PHDH - Cityflyer
PHNL-PHMK - Short haul
PHNL-PHNY - Cityflyer/short haul
PHNL-PHOG - Short haul
PHNL-PHKO - Long haul
PHNL-PHSF - Cityflyer
PHNL-PHTO - Long haul


TNCM-TFFC - Cityflyer
TNCM-TFFR - Long haul
TNCM-TAPA - Long haul
TNCM-TRPG - Cityflyer
TNCM-TKPN - Cityflyer
TNCM-TKPK - Short haul
TNCM-TAPH - Cityflyer
TNCM-TFFJ - Cityflyer
TNCM-TNCS - Cityflyer (Senior Captains only)
TAPA-TKPK - Boeing 777-200ER, Long haul

Please note that most of these flights in the Caribbean are long, however the Caribbean has short runways so cannot take the wide body aircraft we operate.

Global routes

Global routes will be the real routes that BA flies in real life, with the aircraft they use. Global routes will not be public, and will be kept private inside the virtual airline. They are currently out within the va!

Please consider joining as one of over 50 pilots! BOAC Virtual as a ranking system in place, meaning that your flight time will be logged and rewarded.

Hope you enjoy flying with us, and make sure to join here.



Make sure to come over to our leadup to Christmas event!

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Hi everyone. We are recruiting!

Event leader

BOAC needs an events leader. The requirements are:

  • Must be grade 3 or above
  • Must have over 100 hours
  • The person will need to be able to lead events at 1100z on Saturdays and Sundays
  • The person must have live for here or more months at he time of applying.
  • Been on the IFC for over one hundred days, preferably a regular.

Interested? PM me with the following:

  • A screenshot of the grade table
  • Proof of live
  • More info if you have any!

Flight logger

This person will log flying time on the spreadsheet that records our flights. Our pilots log their flights in the flight logging channel. Then, the person enters the flying time into the correct column. More information will be given to applicants.

  • Must be a regular, or a trusted member.
  • Must be good with spreadsheets.

I hope you consider taking a important position in one of the biggest virtual airline, joining as one of over fifty pilots!

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Never kept track of that, last time I heard it was 30.


Yes, we are expanding rapidly. :)


Loving the rebrand! Certainly very interesting.


Thank you, glad you like it!

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Still looking for staff!


I’ve been a part of this VA for a couple of months now. This was my first IF VA and the staff and pilots could not have been more welcoming and helpful in getting me off the ground (pun absolutely intended). I have a lot of responsibilities that limit my free time and was initially worried I wouldn’t be able to contribute but the staff have encouraged me to fly as much or as little as I like and still have made me feel like a valued member of this VA.

If you’re looking for a VA that has a variety of routes and is active every single day then I encourage you to check us out. You can DM me if you have any questions.


Thank you so much! Really glad you are enjoying it, and thank you for flying with us!

Thanks to all of those that have joined so far.

I Only joined this VA a couple of days ago, and it is by far one of the best! Its professionalism is absolutely outstanding!
The pilots and owner are so welcoming to new members. The way in which BOAC Virtual Airlines Operates is to a very high standard. I would reccomend it to any IF Pilots of all experience levels!


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Already part of this VA, best VA ever!

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*Lumpur 😉

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What happened to this being called BA Virtual?

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Mods made me change it… :(

Ask Carson.

Thought IF mods had nothing to do with VA’s other than thread/post control.


Not sure. :/

Anyway, we are still looking for people. :)

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Thank you, really glad you like it!

Thanks to @Cas_ual for our awesome IFC logo!

Hi there everyone!

I’m currently planing the routes for global! What does this mean? It means that the routes will be the ones that British Airways flies in real life. The route list will not be public,but once you join BOAC va, you’ll get access to them. The realistic routes mean a few things:

The routes you fly for us are the routes that the real British Airways fly in the real world
They will be the aircraft flown

We hope that flying the real routes that BA does when global comes out will increase the realism you have in IF.