British OpenSkies Boeing 767-300

This aircraft will be added to the OpenSkies fleet in August, it would be awesome if we could also have it added to the 767 in Infinite Flight!

(not my photo)


I like the font on the plane that says Open Skies


This is a great adaptation of the British Airways Livery for the separate company

What is open skys?

It’s a airline owned by British airways which only flys from Paris to New York, it’s a very small airline

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That’s unusual @Chatta290, why use money to make an airline that only flies one route?
The engines look a little weird with the livery, and I don’t think the brown matches very well.

I hope you all know that this plane is photo shopped. The engines do not belong to the 767. They belong to the 757.

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Yes they do actually. they put those engines on to keep the engines the same as some of the other aircraft in their fleet.

All of the open skies 757 engines are not the same. Some have different engines because some of the planes came from other airlines with other engines. The 767 open skies image (as seen above), is photo shopped.

Also, where is the registration for this 767?

I know the picture is photoshopped but it is not because of the engines.

This engine thing is confusing… British Airways stop confusing us!


Go on WIKI and look at the airline it says there it’s something to do with the US and Europe alliance that means they can fly more planes there but it can’t be form Heathrow, something like that.

That sounds strict. Maybe to show they really are part of the alliance.

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Only one picture per feature request maybe @CptNathanHope can change the picture to the actual livery

@Narroc_Wim @Chatta290 I didn’t know this picture was photoshopped. Thank you @Parsa for finding an authentic one. I will change the picture.

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I am good at telling the difference between photoshopped and real so if you ever want to know if an image is real, message me (on the IFC)

There is no registration and they don’t even have a 767 yet.

Can’t t anyone tell that the engines belong to a 757? The 767 isn’t made yet. Just wait until August!