British Midland (BMI) Boeing 757-200

I feel like this livery should be added to the aircraft on Infinite Flight. This aircraft has been leased from Omni Air and was used for operations to Jeddah, Freetown, Tel Aviv, Yekaterinburg, Bishkek via Yerevan, Tehran and Almaty from London Heathrow. The airline operated two of their 757s, G-STRY and G-STRX. This picture shows the G-STRY landing to London Heathrow.

Sadly these aircrafts have been retired and leased to other customers due to the collapse of the airline itself back in 2012. This aircraft is a great way to start off with the bmi livery by using the glossy blue font of the “bmi” logo, the Star Aliiance Logo located next to the L1 door on the left and the royal blue shading on the top half of the tail with same “bmi” logo inside in white.

I understand that livery choices for this aircraft were already finalized before their first WIP. Knowing well I should’ve published this before they showed us the WIP but this is something that I just need to put out as a suggestion.

Please Vote for the livery!

Hmm it’s seems really…eh…bland?

But hey, if you like it then why the heck not?!


It has my vote

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Ye agree the royal blue livery is better than the plain white but for infinite flight to design the bmi livery for the A320 and A330, they might have to start off plain white on the 757 and slap on the blue shading on the tail, the glossy logo and the Star Alliance livery. It’s very easy for them to do but ye for me I’d prefer the royal blue and red over the white.