British Lad Youngest to Fly Solo.


A British Lad flies solo at 14 in Canada today (15 April 2019), in a Piper PA28, he flew solo at Burlington Executive Airpark, after travelling halfway across the world to Canada, where it is legal to fly solo at the age of 14 unlike in the UK, and a majority of other countries which is 16. He had been taking flying lessons since he was 8 and has accumulated many hours of flying time, he has since had a dream of being the youngest solo pilot ever, to fly a powered aircraft.

The lad was already passionate about flying from a young age, but decided to take it one step further, he, his family and his 7 instructors had all coordinated a plan which took, time and a load of effort. After 2 weeks of flight training in Canada to add onto his previous training he was ‘ready’, according to Dennis Simo, the CFI of Spectrum Airways.

After completing the Check Ride, Dennis Simo, hopped out of the PA28, to leave the lad by himself, at the controls of a 1 tonne aircraft. He taxied out to Runway 32 at Burlington Executive Airpark, completes is Pre-Takeoff checks, and took-off in strong winds (320@18G29-270V000). He flew the circuit, and landed the aircraft, to be the Youngest Person to fly a Powered Aircraft Solo.

He was greeted with a bucket of cold water as he taxied onto the ramp and shut-down.

After exiting the Aircraft, he said “To be honest, I needed that bucket”.

A press release is due for release soon. Unfortunately, he won’t be awarded with a Guinness World Record as there is a Legal Lower Age Limit.

I am the ‘Lad’


Congrats! What a great achievement :) 🥳


That is actually awesome, keep it up! You’re certainly on the right track!


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Congratulations Maksim! It’s been awesome to be here to watch you grow up and hit these great achievements!


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Wow what an accomplishment for you! Safe flights and smooth skies for your next adventures!


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That is super amazing! Quad congrats on that!


That’s cool! I wish you the best of luck with your license (unless you already have it, the laws are different in Canada and the U.S.A.)


I don’t have my PPL no (I wish!) I have a Student Pilot Permit however, bit like a probationary driver’s license 🤷🏽‍♂️


How was the landing? I know it’s your first time but 🤓