British Domestic Hop - 757-200

I flew from EGNT to EGLL on the British Airways Boeing 757-200 (callsign Speedbird 441). Here are the details and photos.

Server: Training
Time: 0h 44min
Route: EGNT Newcastle - EGLL Heathrow

Lining up on Runway 07.

Departure Climb. Over the city of Newcastle.

Cruising above the Midlands at 28000ft.

Descending into beautiful London.

Final Approach. Coming in for a quite a hard landing.

After landing. Parked next to the queen.

I hope you enjoyed it!


Hey, those are some really cool shots!

Unfortunately the first one is not in accordance with some of the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category.


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Fix/remove the first pic

Edit: He fixed it

No worries. The pictures were fixed. They look great by the way! 🙂

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Those are some nice shots, however they will look better if you take them in replay using “take screenshot” rather than cutting the buttons out.