British Caledonian BAC Super One Eleven G-AWYU.

This BAC Super 111 501EX G-AWYU, first flew on June 10, 1969. Yankee Uniform was delivered to British United Airways (BUA) seven days later. British Caledonian Airways merged with BUA on November 30, 1970, and in 1971G-AWYU was named “Isle of Colonsay”.
The aircraft was renamed “County of Avon” after the merger to form British Airways on April 14, 1988.

“Classic Early Jet Liners 1958-1979”.
Image: Google Images.

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a very beautiful aircraft!

even though it is nicknamed “fuel noise converter”

…I once visited a BAC 1-11 of a long gone airline named Bavaria (1957-1977), based in Munich, Germany


and what intrigued me was the fact, that at the overawing exit

the seat row in front of the window emergency exit was aft facing
while the seat row aft of the window exit was forward facing
by doing this the escape path towards the window exit was extremly comfortable.

The passengers however did not like to sit facing aft (although its by far safer) and thus this seat configuration did not make it into our times.

Being comfortable vs safety I guess.

This is the question compromise safety for comfort and die in a crash or screw comfort for safety. I personally think forget comfort for safety

You can have both flying in the emergency exit row of seats.