British Airways

Hi everyone, was just wondering if there’s any reason why the British airways livery is not on the 787-8?


It’s likely because BA has a livery on literally every other plane in the game.


Just like how other liveries aren’t on other aircraft, The developers haven’t worked on it yet. You can vote for it to be added here.


Because the devs chose not to add it when making the 787.

You can vote for it here

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Thanks for all the answers, I’ll give that a vote too would be nice to see it added

Hello Justin. Here is a reply to a topic that is similar to your own that explains why certain liveries are missing, although Alec’s reply might be a deciding factor for this particular livery.

I will just pick out a few key sentences from this reply so that you can see clearly an answer to your question.

The amount of liveries for every single plane in existence is extremely extensive, and Infinite Flight would never be able to add every single livery.

Using votes in the #features category, we can make the most popular and most wanted liveries added first, giving the developers an idea of what we want in IF. (This has already been mentioned)

Eventually, the Boeing 787 family may be updated, which means the demand for livery feature requests will rise, and then if this livery gets enough support, they may add it.


Thank you for this response, it was very informative!

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