British Airways World Cargo Boeing 747-8F

British Airways World Cargo formerly British Airways Cargo was a division of IAG cargo, operating air cargo services under the British Airways brand. It was the twelfth-largest cargo airline in the world by total freight tonne-kilometres flown. Freight services were provided using the main British Airways fleet, as well as dedicated freighter aircraft operating under a wet lease agreement with Global Supply Systems.
British Airways first opened a World Cargo centre at Heathrow in the late 1990s; it was an automated freight handling centre capable of handling unusual and premium cargo, and fresh produce, of which it handled over 80,000 tons per year. BA World Cargo also handled freight at London’s Gatwick and Stansted airports, and, through its partner British Airways Regional Cargo, at all of the main regional airports throughout the UK.

The company ended operations on 30 April 2014, having been fully merged into IAG Cargo, however without continuing dedicated cargo flights. BA World Cargo also operated an automated cargo centre at London Heathrow Airport, and had a base for long-haul freighter services at London Stansted Airport.

I really do hope this livery makes it into the game as I think it’s a beautiful and majestic livery!



The mods in rule and what did he say: 1. One feature per topic. This means single variants only for aircraft families

Your topic needs to pick up one per is best your picture for allowing at IFC by topic, please. In rules #features Category.

Yup there is only 1 variant here, the 747-8F.
I also changed it to 1 picture and gave credit.


I didn’t Know British Airways operated the 747-8 Even for cargo

They used to until 2014

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Yes, he connected the answer. Honestly, for a true story, British Airways Cargo has got a Boeing 747-400F and 8F then until cased 2014. The reason British Cargo was bankrupt.

I just heard that they merged with the IAG group or something

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I’m starting to wonder about him now

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here are the 2 others G-GSSE and G-GSSF that I veven didn’t knew the existence, how surprising

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A lot of people including me didn’t know this livery existed. I came across it on Wikipedia which then made me want to make this feature request.

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Ahh yea this would look so good on the 747-8F

You got a vote from me 🙋‍♂️ but the thing is that it doesn’t fly anymore so i don’t know if the team will add it, although if this get a lot of votes it may catch their attention 👀

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